WCHA Board Meeting Minutes

January 2014

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year to all. Following is the information for the 2014 season.  Show details and elections are the first order of business.

April 11, 12, & 13-----3 shows over 3 days. $400 added for Open and Non Pro $300 added for remainder of added money classes. Also offering a Open/Non-Pro Derby and an Open/Non Pro 5/6. $600 added for open and $400 to non pro classes. Must have a minimum of 5 entries per class.

May 15, 16, 17 & 18----Derby Open/Non pro and 5/6 Open/Non pro. These classes to run on Thursday and Friday with $1200 added for open and $800 non pro. Must have a minimum of 5 entries per class. Weekend show Saturday and Sunday. $500 added for Open and Non-Pro. $400 added to the remainder of added money classes.

June 14 & 15.---- Weekend show with $400 added for Open and Non Pro. $300 added for remainder of added money classes.

July 10, 11, 12, &13----This is the show that we try to tie in with the haulers on the way down from the Mecuria in Calgary. 3 shows over 4 days. $1000 added for Open and Non-Pro. $500 added to Novice Horse Open classes and $400 added to Novice Non Pro and 50 Amateur. Probable pre work on the 10th.

Sept. 26 & 27-----Weekend show with $500 added Open and Non Pro. $400 added to remainder of added money classes. Also offering Futurity open and non pro, derby open and non and 5/6 open and non pro. $1200 added in the open division and $800 added in non pros. Each class will be offered twice. Must have a minimum of 5 entries. This is a Friday/ Saturday show with banquet Saturday evening and a meeting on Sunday morning before everyone heads out.



The consensus of the Board is to offer several LAE events throughout the year on a smaller, more affordable level in lieu of a major fall event.


January 14, 2012
WCHA Annual Board Meeting
The board meeting was brought to order at 12:15 pm at Grant County Fairgrounds. Roll call taken.
Minutes from the last Board meeting (9/26/11) were read and approved.
Financial Report was given by Treasurer Brent Mathews. See attached report. The club’s balance as of November 1 does not include some outstanding bills and the awards for the year. We are going into the New Year looking okay thanks to the Aged Event.

Old Business

  • Saddles- After all the unrest about saddles Brad and Becky gave reports on some other awards that some affiliates are using instead of giving saddles. We always seem to have some unrest about who they should go to, and we seem to worry about getting them paid for so it was suggested that we do something different. Becky brought up having an Open Horse Award. It was her suggestion that we have it be a Horse who is an outstanding athlete who has shown in at least our shows but has also represented WCHA in other shows whether they be in Western Regionals, LAE in other states or areas, the National Futurity or other Fort Worth shows or any place other than our state. It would be up to the owner or rider to keep track of all the places they have shown and to submit their application in the fall before our banquet. A committee of a non pro, trainer, and Becky will decide who the winner will be. We will put together an application for approval from the Board.
    There was still discussion on what to do whether to have saddles or not. hopefully we will someday get to go back to giving saddles. Jeff suggested that we give $500 and an award as our all-around awards. He suggested that we keep the same categorizes that we now have except eliminating the Open Rider awards. It was approved with possibly giving nice leather coats to go along with money.
    Michelle moved that we give the cash awards and prizes to the Non Pro rider, Amateur rider, Novice Horse and Horse of the Year.
    It was seconded and approved.
    We will divide the categories as:
    Amateurs- 1000 Amateur, 2000 Rider, $15,000 Am., $50,000 Am
    Non Pro- Non Pro, $15,000 NP, $5,000 NNP, $35,000 NP
    Novice Horse- $10,000 Nov, $15,000 NNP, $3,000 Nov, $5000NNP, $1500 N
    Horse of the Year
    Jeff moved to do points for the Amateurs and money won for the Non Pro and Novice Horse as a trial for this year. Kenny seconded and approved.
  • Awards- It was clarified that the board wants to continue keeping our awards at 50% plus 1 show. Brad said that it was in our rules that we can adjust rules if there is an emergency.
  • Entry Fees- See attached sheet that Brad has put together with $500 added and $400 added. We will try the first couple shows with $500 in Open and NP and $400 in other added classes with the exception of $1500 N as $200 added along with the Senior class.
  • Holly Jones- asked if the stalls, shavings and camping would be the same price as last year. The board said yes. Thinking of youth can we have youth classes even if there isn’t enough to make a class? Board said we could do 2 at the end of a class if the Youth doesn’t have enough in the class.
  • LAE Dates- We have a problem with our dates. The Fairgrounds have something already booked for the weekend after our LAE. But we can have it the weekend before our LAE. So we will have have our Finals show to start on Sept. 29 and end Sept. 30 with the LAE starting after the Fresh Practice on Monday October 1.
  • LAE Payout- There was no discussion on adding any more money. There was discussion changing the NP Futurity added money or looking into a daily add Kenny suggested that whatever we decide not to pro rate the NP Futurity as it has always been small and they don’t have much added because of pro rating.
  • Cattle Pen help- We will be finding someone to help in the cattle pen during NCHA Days and our LAE. Too much for Jeff and crew to do and to show also. Brad suggested that we set aside $5 from every run off the flag and ear mark it for cow help. It was approved.
  • New Award- Brad and Cindy will give out a Most Improved Rider award voted on by the turn back help. The board “Thanked “them.
  • President and VP Nominees- It was moved by Jeff and seconded by Brent to make Brad Smith the President. No other nominations for President were announced. Kenny moved and Jeff seconded to nominee Kay Lynn Pugh as Vice President. No other nominations were announced.
  • Treasurer- Brad announced that Brent needs to resign as Treasurer because of his new business. The club “Thanked” him for his year as Treasurer. Carol Knees haw was appointed as the new Treasurer.
  • Club name change- Brad wanted everyone to think about changing the name of the club to attract more cutters outside our area to come and cut at our club. This is something we will think about and discuss further at a
  • Chuck Black- announced that he would like to donate a handmade saddle to the Senior this year. It will be given at our banquet. The board “Thanked” Chuck for such a generous award!
  • Entry and Stall Reservation- It was discussed that everyone wants the stall reservations to be on the entry form. Sharon will look into this and have them change the webpage to show this.
  • Video charge- Jim and Patty sent a memo stating that they will be going up to $6 a run.
  • Show secretary- Becky asked that the board look into also giving her a $1 a run raise as she hasn’t had one in 6 years. Brad tabled this until later.

There will be two Board positions open and they will come from General Meeting. The General meeting will start in 15 minutes.

Carol moved and Michelle seconded to adjourn the meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm.




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